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PowerMac SAP being a customizable package, your specific requirements are taken care of by the company. The software is extremely flexible which makes the application very scalable. Continuous up gradations in the software done by our highly committed R&D team makes our software feature rich ,dynamic and future tuned as we come up with value additions in the software even before our clients / competitors can even think of it. This makes "PowerMac SAP" stand out in the highly competitive School ERP marketplace.

Both on-site and off site support are provided as per need and requirements. Tele support, email and "teamviewer" comprises of the main off-site support techniques. Worldly recognised remote sever administrator "teamviewer", support enables 'PowerMac SAP' to be accessed at any of our clients end through the teamviewer sever which can be logged in by our support team. A chat server is also provided to smoothen communication between the user and the PowerMac system administrator across any part of the world. In order to make the system operational, site visits may be necessary during the initial phase of the implementation period. Minor changes in the reports and other aspects shall be taken care of by our development centre and sent across through email. Complete training and user manuals are provided to all our customers for easing the implementation process.

Email Support

Phone Support

For quick support call

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Online Support

On behalf of client request we resolve their issue remotely.


Onsite Support

By our regional support staff, onsite support is provided on monthly basis or client demand.

Ticket Support

Automated client help desk. Post your quaries in CRM. Click on:-

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