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In present era it is a great problem for school and college to maintain their record fast and they don’t get total benefits as they can get. PowerMac reliase this problem and develop a great software called ’SAP’ only for those, who want to be faster and topper in this great field of education . ‘PowerMac SAP’ has been introduced as an ready to use and well documented software avaliable throughtout the country with the advent of windows ‘SAP’ become first state of art product fully compatiable with windows and using the advance object linking and embedding open database connectivity(ODBC) technology. ‘PowerMac SAP’ is a land mark introduction to technology on one hand and simplicity on another .
Power Mac SAP

Registration, Admission, Fees, Dues, Account, Marksheet, Certificate, SMS, Library, Vehicle, Inventory, Attandance,     Read More...

Online SMS

Capable of sending thousand of SMS in minutes, personalised sender ID like "SACRED", send notice, attandance, marks etc. to parents mobile.     Read More...

GST Billing, Inventory, Accounting, GST Filling,    

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